RICA Mission Statement

To represent and foster the success of small, rural local exchange carriers who provide competitive communications services.


I. Advocate

Represent the interests of member companies before public and private entities in consideration of competitive communications service policy development and implementation.


1.   Monitor the activities of Congress and make direct contact with members of Congress and their staffs on legislation impacting member companies.

2.   Monitor the activities of the FCC and make direct contact with Commissioners and staff on rules and regulations impacting member companies.

3.   Monitor cases before the Courts and respond accordingly on decisions impacting member companies.

4.   Monitor and respond to other government entities as it relates to competitive services policy decisions.

5.   Offer input to industry affinity groups, such as OPASTCO, NTCA, USTA, ACA, and others to ensure the viewpoints and positions of small, rural providers of competitive communication services are represented.

II. Network

Provide an environment wherein member companies can share common efforts, experiences and expertise with each other as well as with industry affinity groups.


1.   Create and participate in joint efforts to influence legislation and regulation.

2.   Structure formal networking sessions at all Alliance meetings.

3.   Provide additional informal networking opportunities for members in and around Alliance meetings.

4.   Establish opportunities for formal dialogue through the RICA web site, newsletters, and requests for member information.

5.   Provide programming that includes member experiences as part of all
Alliance seminars.

6.   Maintain active member list and make available to RICA members when requested.

7.   Develop and maintain dialogue with industry affinity groups on issues, meetings and other industry information.

III. Educate

Provide and coordinate forums for member companies and their board members and employees to receive pertinent and helpful knowledge and learning relative to the various aspects of providing successful competitive services in the rural marketplace.


1.   Conductan annual spring convention built around educational presentations by recognized experts in the field of competitive communications.

2.   Conduct an annual fall meeting built around educational presentations by recognized experts in the field of competitive communications.

3.   Provide a place for product and service providers to share with members the latest innovations in technology and support services.

IV. Communicate

Serve as a source of information, material and data as to the important place rural local exchange competitive communications providers occupy in the marketplace.


1.   Maintain active information exchange between members through utilization of member notices, newsletters, website or other means.

2.   Develop annual informational handbook and make available to all RICA members.

3.   Develop and distribute to appropriate audiences electronic and hardcopy informational pieces on RICA, its history, purpose and membership.

4.   Develop and maintain active web site for RICA members and the general public and share pertinent information on the who, what, when, where and why of RICA.