Association Overview

In today's environment it's not enough to be simply smart, agile, and visionary. Your operating environment and your fortunes as a competitive carrier can be significantly impacted by federal and state regulatory decision makers as well as evolving legislation targeted to shaping our industry. The Rural Independent Competitive Alliance ("RICA") was formed in recognition of the significant impact regulatory actions can have on our fledgling competitive operations. Without the ability to effectively influence evolving regulatory policy, we stand the chance of letting our business aspirations be undermined as a result of our interests not being heard, or worse yet, subverted by the proposals of entities whose interests are counter to our own.

Effective advocacy requires a keen undiluted focus, and an intimate knowledge of the issues, and their potential impact. As an advocate created specifically to address issues from the perspective of the rural ILEC competitive service offerings, RICA brings a unique focus and a uniquely effective approach.

By sponsoring educational forums, sharing the marketplace insight and experience of our members, and providing focused and effective advocacy, RICA stands ready to foster the success of your company as a provider of competitive communication services in rural America.